Two Weekly Practice Opportunities

​Wednesday Evenings

​​We meet every Wednesday evening at 7 PM. There is an instruction period from 7-7:30 PM, then a 30-minute silent insight meditation followed by a dharma talk and discussion. Appropriate for all levels of experience.

We will be meeting as scheduled on July ​​4th.

Tuesday Midday
We also meet Tuesdays from noon to 1:00. The Tuesday format includes a brief instruction period, a thirty-minute period of silent meditation, and a brief period of questions and answers.

​​Location: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Park Road Baptist Church, 3900 Park Road, in the Milford Chapel.​ Please park in the back of the church and take the sidewalk to the second building on the left.

​​Please refrain from using perfume, aftershave or strongly scented lotions when attending IMCC events. This could be distracting to individuals with sensitivities, at the very least. Thank you.

Attendance is open to all and free. You have the opportunity to make a financial donation that supports us in having a space for us to foster mindfulness, joy, equanimity, and compassion. 
*Our community meets every Wednesday except for those days when Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools are closed due to inclement weather.
Volunteer Opportunities

​​Join our group of Volunteer Coordinators
They are crucial to making our Wednesday night meetings run smoothly. If you are new, this is a great way to get to know everyone.

For more information or to sign up, email Cathy Francis

Volunteer Suggestions Welcome
In the past, we have participated in community service projects with Dove’s Nest and with the Coalition to Unchain Dogs.  We always welcome ideas for other volunteering projects for our sangha.

​​If you have any projects you would like to investigate and take the lead in initiating, please contact either Cynthia Glickman at or
​Joy LiBethe at
Monthly Advanced Practitioners' Discussion Sessions
First Wednesday Evening of each month 6:45 – 7:25

This is an opportunity for those with an established practice to gather monthly with other sangha members for a question and answer session led by one of our Dharma Leaders.   Hopefully, this will provide additional support for your meditation practice and an opportunity to share and learn from other practitioners’ experiences. 
Kalyana Mitta (KM) Group

Looking for a way to strengthen your practice? Consider joining a Kalyana Mitta (KM) Group. KM groups bring together sangha members to study and share practice experiences in a friendly, supportive environment. For more information contact Denise at

The Insight Meditation Community of Charlotte depends on volunteers to carry out its mission of making the Buddha's teachings available to all who seek them. Volunteering is an opportunity to extend loving kindness to your sangha, the community, and the world. It is an important way to give dana (Pali for generosity) to the sangha; it can open your heart and enrich your life. Volunteering also is a way to meet other sangha members.

Go to the new ‘Volunteer’ tab on our website to learn more about our different volunteer opportunities and find contact information to contact to sign-up for an activity. Whether you are new to IMCC or a longtime member, we can always use your help.

Click here

Service Opportunities

New ‘Volunteer’ Tab on This Website

An Evening with Ruth King:

Mindfulness of Race and Reconciliation

Friday, June 15

7 – 9 pm
6:30 for book sales

Saturday, June 2

4 - 7 pm

​​Freedom Park
Picnic Shelter #6

a vegetarian side dish to share
a drink (no alcoholic beverages)
folding chairs
lawn games
family and friends
Date.....................Saturday, June 2
Time.....................4 – 7 pm
Location................Freedom Park, Picnic Shelter #6
Contact.................For information email Robin:

Racism remains one of the most rooted and painful impasses of our time.
Why is this so? What does this have to do with me?

In her talk, Ruth will explore an understanding of our individual and collective racial conditioning and its social proliferation, and how mindfulness builds confidence, faith, and stability, fosters a culture of wise care and provides a foundation for reconciliation.

Her latest book is Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism From The Inside Out. King says: “In this book, I have invited all of us to say our prayers, and I have given us a way to see how we got here; how we can shift from racial distress to inner freedom; and how we can heal, reach across the divide, and invest in a culture of care.”

Ruth King is an international teacher in the Insight Meditation traditions, and an emotional wisdom author and life coach. She is on the Teacher’s Council at Insight Meditation Community of Washington and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and is the founder of Mindful Members Insight Meditation Community in Charlotte, NC.

Date…........Friday, June 15
Time..........7 – 9 pm
Cost...........Free. Dana (donations) encouraged for the speaker
Location......Park Road Baptist Church, Milford Chapel, 3900 Park Road, Charlotte NC    28209

Doors open at 6:30 for book sales.  Ruth will sign books after her talk.


May 5, 2018

Community Service

Friendship Trays/Meals on Wheels

We planted beets, turnips, and parsley and seeds of loving kindness.

In the teaching of the Buddha, the practice of giving claims a place of special eminence, one which singles it out as being, in a sense, the foundation and seed of spiritual development.

Mundane gifts to the citizens of one's town would include... keeping a neighborhood park neat and clean. If one does not merely contribute funds for such projects but provides physical labor as well, the kammic results will be even greater.
And we had fun!

We offer the opportunity to become involved in a community service project several times a year.

Sunday Evening Talk: Buddhism and Recovery

Sunday, August 26, 2018, 7 – 9 pm

Buddhist practices and teachings have become essential elements of many people’s recovery programs. Kevin Griffin has been teaching on this intersection for over 15 years. On this evening he will explore themes relevant to people dealing with any form of addiction, whether substance or process-oriented, making connections with core Buddhist teachings on mindfulness, compassion, and ethics.

Date….……….Sunday, August 26
Time……….….7 – 9 pm
Cost…………….Free. Donations encouraged for the speaker.
Location………Park Road Baptist Church, Milford Chapel, 3900 Park Road, Charlotte, 28209

Daylong Retreat

Living Kindness:Buddhist Teachings for a Troubled World

Saturday, August 25, 9 am - 5 pm

Lovingkindness, or metta, is sometimes depicted as a simple “open your heart and love everybody” practice but a closer look at the Buddha’s teachings reveals a more complex and nuanced picture. In a time of great conflict and contention in our society, it can be extremely valuable to see how the Buddha addressed these relevant topics:
the challenges of living with other people;
the risk of hating anyone, even your enemies;
and the dangers inherent to conventional loving relationships.
Kevin uses his teachings on lovingkindness to emphasize the importance of sila, or ethical behavior, the potential for opening into deeper meditative states of peace and equanimity, and the importance of developing a non-discriminating, unconditional love on the path of awakening. The retreat will include meditation, lecture, small group discussion, and Q&A.

Date…………Saturday, August 25
Time…………9 am – 5 pm
Cost………….Registration fee: $35. Registration required.
Donations are encouraged for the speaker.
Location……Park Road Baptist Church, Milford Chapel, 3900 Park Road, Charlotte, 28209
Contact…….For questions or to register,
email Bob Bushorn:

Kevin is an internationally respected Buddhist teacher and author known for his innovative work connecting dharma and recovery, especially through his 2004 book One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps. He has been a Buddhist practitioner for over thirty-five years and a teacher for two decades. He reaches a broad range of audiences in dharma centers, wellness centers, and secular mindfulness settings. His latest book is Living Kindness: Buddhist Teachings for a Troubled World.

For more information about Kevin go to

Kevin Griffin

Daylong Retreat:  Living Kindness:
Buddhist Teachings for a Troubled World

​Saturday, Aug. 25, 9 am – 5 pm

Sunday Evening Talk: Buddhism and Recovery

​Sunday, Aug. 26, 7 – 9 pm

Guest Leader

Joe Parisi

Wednesday, June 27

Joseph Parisi, Ph.D., is a psychologist with an interest in meditation and mind/body health for more than 40 years. As the former Director of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital, he established the hospital’s Center for Mind-Body Health and co-founded the Center for Integrative Medicine. In those roles he introduced meditation on the psychiatric units and led Charlotte's first Mind Body Stress Reduction Program.

Currently, Joe is in private practice where he continues to integrate mindfulness and psychotherapy. He has maintained a daily meditation practice since the early 1990's and sits with the Charlotte Community of Mindfulness.

We are honored to have Joe share his wisdom with us.

Finding Your Way:
The Practice and How We Live It

Wednesday Evening Summer Series

Jul 11, 18, 25 & Aug 1, 8

For five weeks, starting on July 11, the Dharma Leaders will talk about their personal experiences with the practice - meditation and mindfulness. You will hear about how their meditation practice was developed, the challenges each faced and how they worked with these challenges. Furthermore, you will hear how their practice is now expressed in their daily lives.

Each of us is on a unique, personal journey. Hearing what others have undergone and continue to face helps us find our way as we travel this path together.